This was originally the blog of a first-time Mum to remember the ups and downs of my pregnancy - and chart the first year of my daughter's life. But I've kept it going, and am now a mother of two! More than anything, it helps me to get to sleep once I've emptied my brain of issues and concerns and emotions onto the laptop.
If you're reading this and also a mum- or dad-to-be, first time parent, or just someone who's thinking about it - I hope it gives a little insight into one person's experiences - good and bad....

Thursday, 17 March 2011


And the pregnancy rhinitis continues. It's now been more than six weeks of a hacking cough and a combination of both a congested and constantly running nose. I think it's easing off very slightly though - either that or I've just got totally used to it.
Had a very relaxing week away in Scotland for our 10th anniversary this week. 

It really was heavenly with no one and nothing else to worry about. Had one slightly freaked out day when I didn't feel the little monster move at all, but he/she's made up for it in the last few days. I really hate the days when I don't fell anything. DP is very reassuring about it though. In fact when I came home from work the other day and was concerned about lack of movement, he ran me a candle-lit bath, and sure enough, once I was relaxed the little monster started squirming.

Baths always seem to get him/her going, and I love watching my belly bounce when he/she moves. He/she also moved loads the other day on our tour of a whisky distillery - now I'm pretty certain they haven't got any sense of smell in the womb, but the little monkey got very excited around the very strong smells of whisky - definitely his/her father's son/daughter!

Even though we're now more than halfway - we've still not made any effort to sort the flat out or buy anything. We're both still a bit scared of tempting fate. I think that's something we'll seriously start looking at in the next month, but knowing us we're likely to put most of it off until much later when the pressure's properly on. Let's just hope the little monkey doesn't come too early - or there's every chance we won't be prepared.

The other noticeable change this last couple of weeks is how horny I've been :womanwink:. The midwife has previously advised us against fully 'dtd' because of previous m/cs  - but, in her words "there are other ways to love DP", and we've certainly been making the most of that. I'm sure this phase will pass once I'm even bigger,  but while I'm still fairly small and comfortable, we're making the most of it!!

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