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If you're reading this and also a mum- or dad-to-be, first time parent, or just someone who's thinking about it - I hope it gives a little insight into one person's experiences - good and bad....

Friday, 22 July 2011


We've had a couple of good days.

Sure there's been plenty of bouts of screaming and refusing to sleep - anywhere - but we've had plenty of gorgeous moments too.

Yesterday we're convinced we saw Charlotte's first proper smile, as she sat in her little chair at my parents' making all sorts of lovely new noises. She was even a delight as we bathed her (which revealed her curly locks), and almost went a whole hour walking into town and back without crying her heart out and me having to put her in her baby carrier.

Then, she went down in her crib almost straight away at 7.30 until she woke for a feed at 11.15; and again until 0340. Between 5 and 8 she was a bit of different story, though.

But a 1 hour 45 minute car ride and a good feed got her back on track, and we saw more of the lovely Charlotte that makes it all seem worth it.

It's the first couple of days we've tried the E.A.S.Y routine - Eat, Activity, Sleep, You Time - and been really, really careful to watch for those first tired signs before she gets overtired too quickly. Very early days, but seems to be working.

It's currently 8.40 pm, and she's been down for almost two hours. Fingers crossed she manages another couple of long stretches between feeds.

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