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Friday, 15 April 2011

PREGNANCY - MONTH SEVEN (week 31 part 2)

With the weeks left to go until my due date now down to single figures, I've found myself reflecting on the last seven months of my pregnancy.

I think it can be mostly summed up in three words: anxiety, rhinitis and natural.

I have no idea whether I would still have been this anxious had I not had the two miscarriages last year - but I'm sure they're at the root of it. I only seem to go a few days feeling 100% relaxed and positive about everything. Often there's still a nagging worry in the back of my mind that things can still go wrong at any time. It's obviously worse on days like the last few when the Little Monkey is very inactive. Nothing beats the reassurance of contant kicks, squirms and hiccups. I have never complained on the rare nights that he/she has kept me awake or woken me up - to me it's the best feeling knowing he/she's merrily playing away in there...

I've now had the pregnancy rhinitis for four months - but it's much, much milder than at the beginning. I still have a phlegmy cough most mornings, but not blowing my nose nearly so much or nearly so congested. If this is the worst side-effect that I end up with then I count myself very, very lucky.

Which brings me on to how natural the whole pregnancy to date has felt. I know I still have two months to go, so I'm at risk of tempting fate, but the biggest surprise to me has been how it's been almost exactly how I imagined it to be - certainly in terms of how my ever expanding bump feels as part of my body. If I'm completely honest (and again, may be tempting fate) I expected to be a lot more achey and tired at this stage - I'm really surprised at how - so far - I've managed to avoid hardly any backache. I feel really well, still got energy, don't feel too huge at all, and know I'm lucky to be having it so 'easy'.

I'll read that last paragraph back in another few weeks and curse myself for writing it I'm sure - but by then I'll be off work, so that will be one less thing to worry about.

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