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Tuesday, 15 November 2011


At four and a half months Charlotte is now being fully formula fed.

It was not a decision I reached easily at all - in fact I still feel very emotional about it; feeling I've let her down, missing the closeness that I didn't appreciate at the time, and realising a massive part of her being a baby is over.

We started combination feeding a few weeks ago, but just before we went on holiday Charlotte just got fussier and fussier on the breast - so perhaps telling me it was time. I persevered at the start of the holiday, but it got ridiculous, and I simply couldn't express enough to replace those feeds with bottles of my milk.

While giving her bottles of formula was certainly more convenient while we were away, I did get really quite upset about it all. I'm already forgetting what it was like to breastfeed her :(

Before I had Charlotte I told myself I'd aim for at least three months and be really happy with four months, and for most of that time it was easy and went well. Four and a half months of my milk has given her a really good start - and is much more than many manage, so I should be pleased with that.

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  1. 4 and a half months is fantastic, and you should be really proud of yourself for sticking at it. I had to stop feeding my little girl at 5 weeks and at times I'm still disappointed that I had to make that decision (she's now 16 weeks old).

    For me, I am still close to my baby, in fact I get to see her do other things now like she will now hold her own bottle, and bring it to her mouth herself, she'll also watch me and smile at me when I'm feeding her.

    It isn't an easy decision for anyone (Your OH might recall how rubbish I was about changing to formula on a forum) but you have done the very best for her and you get to find other ways to be close to her :)