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Monday, 28 November 2011


We're having food issues this week - good and bad.

Charlotte started weaning last Thursday on her five month birthday - very, very slowly at first, just one new flavour every three days, and just one attempt each day. So far. so good. She took the baby rice and banana off the spoon pretty easily, and seemed keen for more even after three teaspoons. But I don't want to overfeed her solids at this stage while milk's still her main intake.

But given the encouraging signs so far, I may  increase it to two sessions of trying solids a day next week. Other than the consensus on what  to feed your baby, weaning seems to be another area where there's conflicting advice over when, how often, how much etc. So I'm really trying to use my instincts and Charlotte's lead on this one and see how we get on.

The not such good issues concern her milk feeds. In the mornings, even before we started the solids, she's had a tendancy to barely touch her milk - maybe 40ml - even when she's slept through without a feed since 6.30 the previous night. I think we've sorted this one though - she seems to take a bit more when we leave it at least half an hour after she's got up, and make sure the milk's a little warmer than she used to take (i.e. not just room temperature).

But the real biggie is her evening bottle. She's still refusing to take it from anyone but me. She'll take a little from her Dad, but then when she realises who's feeding her she'll scream and scream and not take anymore. And once she does take more from me there doesn't seem to be any consistency as to how much she'll take - sometimes barely 100ml, sometimes a full 220ml. Sometimes I think it was easier on the breast when I never actually knew how much, just that she was satisfied.

What with her continually erratic naps, her Grandma keeps telling me Charlotte's just keeping us on our toes. She certainly is that.

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