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Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Charlotte had her worst night ever. Not the worst since the early weeks - the worst EVER.

She went down fairly well at 7pm, despite her painful eczema and tummy, but then woke about four times in the subsequent hour and a half. So we tried giving her Calpol. Now, Charlotte must be the only baby for whom the apparent fail-safe for calming babies and getting them to sleep doesn't work.

From 8pm until midnight we had almost constant tears, screaming and crying - and definitely no sleep. We tried everything. We took her out in the car, tried rocking her in her pram, tried ignoring her cries. In the end I think she was just so exhausted she gave in, relaxed in my OH's arms and about an hour later dropped off in her cot - for all of two and a half hours. Then she was up every hour after that again :(

I even resorted to calling NHS Direct as a last resort as it was all so unlike her. Sod's Law - once I got through to a nurse Charlotte had calmed right down and wasn't screaming the house down. And by the time the out-of-hours surgery called me back, she was almost asleep.

She's had two good sleeps in the day today, and her constipation certainly seems to be easing. But her nasty eczema's getting worse and it's proving impossible to give her her antibiotics. She just won't swallow it - either by spoon or syringe , and when she does she often throws it straight back up, so we've no idea if she's actually getting any.

I think another trip to the doctors at the end of the week may be in order :(

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